The Coming



25 April

Fourth Sunday of



9.30am St. Mark’s

11.15am St. Charles’

streamed on:-

Today is “Good Shepherd

Sunday” and we keep it as

World Day of Prayer for


We normally take a special

collection for the Priests’

Training Fund (Ecclesiastical

Education Fund). However, this

year we cannot practically do that so

I invite you to place an offering in

and envelope marked “Priests’

Training” Fund and either post it

through the presbytery door or place

it in the collection basket during the

coming weeks.

Some families/individuals make

donations in honour of a

deceased loved one. Perhaps this

is something you may think of?

 We will close the collection at

the end of July with a final

Retiring Collection


26 April.

Easer Weekday

10.00am Mass in Saint Mark’s

Tuesday 27 April

Easter Weekday

8.30am Mass in Saint Charles.


28 April

Easter Weekday

11.45am Funeral Mass in

Saint Charles for Frances

Hunt RIP. Aged 96yrs, of

Hamilton Street Swinton.

7.00pm Mass in Saint Charles.

Thursday 29 April

St. Catherine of Siena

Virgin and Doctor, Patron of Europe

born in Siena (Italy) in 1347, she

was a great mystic from her early

years and worked tirelessly to

persuade the Pope to return

from Avignon to Rome. She died

in 1380.

8.30am Mass in Saint Charles.


30 April

Easter Weekday

10.00am Mass in Saint Mark’s

12.00Noon in St. Mark’s

Funeral Mass for Norman

Bretnall RIP. Aged 85yrs of

Crossfield Drive Swinton.

Saturday 1 May

Feast of Saint Joseph the


No Mass in the parish today.


2 May

Fifth Sunday of Easter


9.30am St. Mark’s

11.15am St. Charles’ live

streamed on

4.00pm Mass in Saint Mark’s





Recent Masses Received

and Prayer Requests



      4 April

         Tony Devine                                                               LD

         Derek Grundy                                                             Ann

         Sharon Murry                                                              Ann

         Christine Hulse                                                           Sick

         Maureen Bretnall                                                         Sick

         Berry & Richards Families                                             RIP

         Stella Heath                                                               ANN

         Piers Carlos                                                               ANN

         Jack Robinson                                                            ANN

         Mary Veronica Evans,                                                  LD    

         Teresa Baker                                                               LD


      11 April

       Nora Warsop                                                              Sick

         Piers Carlos                                                                ANN

         Ted Davies                                                                 LD

         Evelyn Rothwell                                                          LD

         Stephen McCardle                                                      LD

         Beatrice Greaves                                                        ANN

         Baby Jack Powell for successful operation.

         Ron Mee RIP                                                               Birthday

         For a safe delivery

         Pat Durkin                                                                  LD