The Coming




2 May Fifth Sunday of Easter.


9.30am St. Mark’s

11.15am St. Charles’

streamed on:-



3 May

Saints Philip and James, apostles. Philip was born in Bethsaida, formerly a disciple of John the Baptism he became a follower of Jesus. James, son of Alphaeus and cousin of the Lord, led the Church in Jerusalem and was martyred in 62.

10.00am Mass in Saint Mark’s



4 May

The English Martyrs. This day in 1535 three Carthusian monks died at Tyburn, the first of many martyrs during those troubled years of persecution. Of those forty-two have been canonised and a further 242 declared blessed plus many others who suffered and died for the faith over a century and a half.


Today is a Day of Prayer for the Victims and Survivors of Abuse. There will be special prayers at Mass today with that in mind.


8.30am Mass in Saint Charles.


11.45am Funeral service for Margaret Evelyn Turner, aged 84 of Crandon Court, Pendlebury. RIP. at Agecroft crematorium.





5 May

Easter Weekday

7.00pm Mass in Saint Charles.



6 May

8.30am Mass in Saint Charles.


11.40am Funeral service in Agecroft crematorium for Maura Griffiths, aged 81 of Conway Avenue, Clifton, RIP.

(Sadly Maura’s husband Terence was buried only last week_.


Bishop John will celebrate Mass at the cathedral today for Victims and Survivors of Abuse. The Mass will begin at 7pm and is open to all. It will also be streamed on church stream Watch the Salford Cathedral Livestream here


Friday 7 May

Easter Weekday

10.00am Mass in Saint Mark’s.


2.20pm Funeral service in Agecroft crematorium for Nora Warsop, aged 82 years of Moss Bank Road, RIP.



Saturday 8 May

No Mass in the parish today.



9 May

Sixth Sunday of Easter


9.30am St. Mark’s

11.15am St. Charles’ live streamed on


4.00pm Mass in Saint Mark’s


Recent Masses Received

and Prayer Requests




      18 April

         Pat Bradley

         Liam Doyle                                                        LD

         Maria Della-Cella                                                LD

         Mary Ann & Alfred Baugh

         John Joseph Baugh

         Annie & James Tuer

         Terry Tuer

         Mary Baby                                                         ANN 

         Frances Hunt                                                              LD

         Bill Burke                                                           LD

         Norman Bretnall                                                 LD

         Terence Griffiths                                                LD


      25 April

         Robert Churchill                                                 LD

         Frances Hunt                                                              LD

         Winnie Dempsey                                                Ann

         Anthony Bray Jnr                                                Ann

         Peter Barratt                                                               Ann

         Private Intention

         Ellen Mary O’Hare                                               Ann

         Rosemary Walsh                                                Ann

         Margaret Turner                                                 LD

         Nora Warsop                                                              Sick  

         Adela Ramsbottom                                                    Sick


         2 May

      Sister Maura Keane FMSJ                                             LD

         Norman Bretnall                                                 LD

         Frances Hunt                                                              LD

         Joseph Yates                                                              ANN

         Bill Burke                                                           LD

         James Moreton                                                  ANN

         Jack Hadcroft                                                             ANN

         Ann McArt                                                        LD