Hope in the Future

Hope in the Future is an invitation from Bishop John Arnold, to every parish in the Diocese of Salford to recognise and develop their missionary identity and their call to evangelise.

You can find full details of the Hope in the Future project on the Diocese of Salford website. Click here .

First and foremost this process needs to be rooted in prayer and sustained by prayer which is why we are encouraged to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There is a particular novena as a resource to help us do this.

Hope in the Future, builds on Faith in the Future. The theme of Hope which is key to the catechesis of Pope Francis.

This is a 5 stage journey and we are currently in Stage 1 – Celebrating our Giftedness.

In order to do this we have produced our first Hope in the Future Parish Booklet, celebrating the wonderful gifts and talents shared by our parishioners through our Parish ministries.

Click on the image below to download pdf of the booklet or pick up a hard copy at any of our masses.

 If you are interested in any of the groups please visit our Groups and Organisations section and email the relevant group for details. If you have an idea for a new group please email admin@stcharlesswinton.com


St Charles' Parish, Moorside Road, Swinton, Manchester M27 9PD
Parish Priest: Rev Mgr Paul F Smith STL

Tel: 0161 794 1089 Email: admin@stcharlesswinton.com

The Week Ahead

 Sunday  19 January.  Second Sunday in Ordinary Time.   Mass 9.30am (Saint Mark's) 11.15am (Saint Charles), 4.00pm Saint Mark's. Churches Together in Swinton and Pendlebury service to mark the week of Prayer for Christian Unity, at 6.30pm in Saint Mark's church.

Monday    20 January.   Mass. 10.00am. Saint Marks.

Tuesday 21 January.  Saint Agnes, Virgin and martyr. Mass 10.00am Saint Charles.

Wednesday  22 January.  Weekday.   Class 3 Mass  in Saint Charles church 9.15am.   7.00pm RCIA.

Thursday 23 January.    Weekday.  Mass 8.30am in Saint Charles. 

 Friday 24 January.     Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop and doctor of the Church. Mass 10.00am Saint Mark's followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 12.00noon.)

 Saturday 25 January.  The Conversion of Saint Paul. Mass 9.00am Saint Mary's chapel, Wardley.      11.30am - 12.00noon Sacrament of Reconciliation Saint Charles.

Sunday 26 January. Third Sunday of Ordinary Time.    Mass  9.30am (Saint Marks), 11.15am (Saint Charles),   4.00pm  (Saint Mark's)













More details of parish events in weekly Newsletter.